What we consume,
consumes us.

When are we going to understand that us, the earth, the seas and the skies are interconnected?

When will we realize that we have been reaping what nature sowed, and through excessive exploitation we will one day reap what we sowed - a desolite world of extreme conditions, a world that can no longer nourish our life and soul?

Truth be told, is that we must live mindfully, consciously, and choose carefully to consider the footprints we leave behind. Are they a trail of pollution and destruction, or a legacy of preservation and conservation out of love for those who come after us?

The choice is yours today - and I hope you choose to live in peace with oneself, and in harmony with nature.

Our commitment

• Clean manufacturing and the use of contaimination-free ingredients

• Green formulas of vegan starting materials, organically grown and produced via fair trade when possible

• Locally packaged to reduce carbon footprints and choice of biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging material where available

• Non-laminated and minimalistic packaging materials; boxes printed on FSC paper to limit amount ofpollutants released to the environment during production and processing

And we promise our list of commitments will continue to grow...

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