In a chemist’s expedition to create functional and wholesome skin care that cares for the people and the planet, Skin Need was conceived through carefully considered ingredients in artfully calculated formulas that can be customized to honor skin individuality, serving its needs to maneuvre through the dynamic environment that stacks against its youthfulness and wellness.


California made

GMP production

USP grade ingredients

Non-GMO raw materials

EWG checked for safety

TRA tested for non-toxicity

Fair trade and organic sources where possible

Marries botanical sources with high-tech delivery systems


Function-focused over sensory appeal

No hero product: routine evolves with changes in skin condition

Zero budget on marketing and advertising


- Fragrance - Denatured Alcohol

- Petrochemicals - Parabens

- Phthalates - Animal Testing

The Chemist

With a palate for aesthetics and an education in biological sciences, I began my skin care manufacturing journey as a formulation specialist at a personal care product production facility in Southern California. Through the years, I’ve been involved with the formulation and manufacturing of numerous skin care private labels, and in 2018, I established my own GMP-equivalent skin care laboratory in Hong Kong to advance my team’s endeavors in skin care R & D.

As I became tired of the rhetoric of standardized beauty and the one-size-fits-all approach that the industry has traditionally capitalized on, I decided to take a plunge into entrepreneurship and create Skin Need – Your Private Formula, hoping to reclaim the narrative and drive skin care development to a customer-need approach, celebrating diversity while honoring an individual’s skin type, doing so through humanizing skin care and considering its impact on people and our planet.


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