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A portable, simple, yet effective tool to instantly reduce skin temperature thereby minimizing redness, swelling, and discomfort, as well as immediately firm and lift the skin, and minimize the visibility of pores for a smoother and finer complexion.
By gently gliding it over the skin treated with Skin Need mask series, a surge of calming coolness is transferred to the skin to alleviate symptoms of sensitivity, while producing instant whitening effect.

Skin Type

Skin Problem



Soothing Massage
Suitable for larger face area to calm and soothe the skin; use on forehead and chin

Contouring Massage
Suitable for smaller face area to lift, firm, and contour; use under eyes and on fine

Chemist's Tips

- After each use of The Skin Cooler, please remember to clean it thoroughly and store it in a dry place to prevent bacterial growth. This is especially important for sensitive facial skin, as it is prone to acne and sensitivity. Maintaining hygiene will ensure the cleanliness of the skin and reduce the risk of infection.

- Roll The Skin Cooler in a consistent and controlled manner, moving it in one direction rather than back and forth. Rolling in upward or outward motions is recommended for facial applications.

- Place The Skin Cooler in the freezer for a sufficient amount of time to achieve the desired cold temperature. However, avoid freezing it for too long, as extreme cold can damage the roller or cause discomfort during use.

- Discontinue use if you experience pain, excessive redness, swelling, or any adverse reactions. Consult a healthcare professional if you have specific skin conditions, allergies, or medical concerns before using The Skin Cooler.


Use Direction

To lif skin around the eyes
Use with Skin Need sye cream or eye serum series to reduce bloatedness and induce firmness of the skin.

For expression lines
Use with Skin Need Intense Nano Lift + Peptides on areas with expression lines and fine lines, and apply The Skin Cooler to treat desired areas for a skin firming and smoothing effect.

Provide skin hydration
Use with Skin Need water-based serum to increase suppleness of the skin. Apply a few drops of Hyaluronic Acid based serums and glide The Skin Cooler to areas: desired to be treated.

Product Care

As needed, store in the Skin Need Skin Cooler bag and place it at a temperature ranging from -18°C to 3°C for half an hour. After ensuring the temperature is suitable, gently massage it on the face for 2-3 minutes.

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