• Ling Cheung
  • Christal Leung
    Formula Specialist and CEO


a two generation masterpiece with elite standards of design and creation

Through the craftsmanship of a master skin therapist whose meticulous standard for products of pure excellence comes the US-made and in-office use Skin Need Natural Condition System, a series of highly concentrated and naturally derived formulas that embody her artistry in treatment technique and the uncompromising belief that safety and efficacy are inseparable when it comes to skin care.

To channel the legacy of Skin Need she nurtured her daughter to become professionally educated and trained in molecular biology and skin care R & D, collaborating with US-based leading biochemists and botanists to refine the naturally-derived Skin Need with innovative science. With the construction of Skin Need's state -of-the-art products sites and laboratories to ensure strict quality control and creating its very own vertexes of formulation requirement including the incorporation of peptide chemistry, micelle production principle, and utilization of pure & highly concentrated actives, the brand is unique and apart from commercially-driven brands in the market today.

Stepping into its 20th anniversary carried only through word-of-mouth, the Skin Need Natural Condition System has become a reputable line of professional formulas known for its excellence in quality, with distribution centers world-wide offering Skin Need services in clinics, spas, and beauty centers.


an exclusive routine constructed from 50 cutting-edge formulations to become your private formula

Molecular Biology is a micro-scale approach to answer broad biological questions, and such is Skin Need's principle to seek fundamental solutions at cellular level to promote sustainably radiant skin using concoctions of nature-meets-technology. Simple, sophisticated, flexible, and clinically tested, Skin Need has evolved to encompass specific product series including Skin Perfection and Skin Expert, compiling to form a library of over 50 functional formulas that can be mixed, matched, and custom-blended to evolve with changes in skin condition, while wasting no cost on harmful ingredients and substances with no direct skin benefits.

Due to variations in genetics, epi-genetics, as well as internal and external environment, a limitless combination of skin types and conditions is produced with each requiring specific attention and precise routine, known to us as your private formula. It is the result of an equation that factors in your basic skin type, skin attributes, lifestyle, and geographic region that helps you seek formulas that balance out skin damages while optimizing skin health. To help you decipher your Skin Need Private Formula, we developed a protocol as a diagnostic tool to discover your exclusive code of skin care routine.


what your skin needs

As we continue to opt out of high budget marketing campaigns so we can focus on top quality manufacturing, we advocate to honor skin individuality, address individually unique skin concerns, and take on educating professionals and public on proper skin care as our ultimate mission. With steadfast growth from customer loyalty we keep advancing to bring excellent R & D experts and infrastructure into our California and Hong Kong-based laboratories, creating one-of-a-kind products to build your private formula, satisfying what the skin needs that makes for a positive self-image that radiates happiness and confidence.

by Christal Leung
Product Development Manager and Formula Specialist of Skin Need Natural Condition System, U.S.A.