Christal Leung
Formula Specialist of
Skin Need Natural Condition System


With a palate for aesthetics and an education in biological sciences, my expertise in skin care manufacturing was cultivated from an inherited profession in the industry of cosmetics. Having been taught to seek solutions from the root of problems, I'm naturally drawn to the field of molecular biology to probe underlying cellular mechanisms that lead to physical attributes and disorders, especially in the areas of protein signaling and transport channels.

I believe in the miracle of life forms because by design we have a natural will to thrive. Blessed by nature the human body possesses magical powers (and by magic I mean energy and substance conversion!) to sustain life. Therefore, my skin care creations honor the originality of our systems and are heavily composed of naturally present essential substances required for healthy skin. To help propagate the effects of these ingredients, I work closely with US-based front-running geneticists, pharmacists, and chemists to enhance my products with signaling peptides and liposomal technology without compromising the notion of natural and safe skin care.

I hope you enjoy using my products and find our skin diagnosis protocol useful in helping you understand the needs of your skin. Since taking proper care of yourself and your body is the best way to appreciate the sophisticated complexity of its operation, it can also help us to preserve the quality and vitality of this masterpiece we are gifted with to live our dreams and aspirations.